Space Dragons

SPACE DRAGONS is a team of young Mexican students passionate about engineering, design and manufacturing of experimental rockets, belonging to the Aeronautical University in Querétaro. Its creation dates back to 2018, however, it was in 2021, at the National Experimental Rocketry Engineering Meeting, where members of the team under the name "Atlatl" won second place in the meeting, thus marking the first participation of the team in an official competition.

Our mission is to promote and develop aerospace projects through the design, manufacture and launch of amateur-type rockets; representing the Aeronautical University in Querétaro in national and international competitions. For now our main objectives are:

  1. Outstanding participation in the annual ENMICE meetings
  2. Certify at least three students with level one or two of Tripoli Rocketry Association

Our vision stipulates that in the year 2023, Space Dragons is a benchmark at the national level and with international positioning, preserving our innovation and improvement in the development of aerospace projects, managing to participate in the Space Port America Cup.


2nd place in the ENMICE (Mexican Experimental Rocketry Engineering Meeting).
-Reactivation of the team.

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