Student mobility

What is mobility?

It is defined as “the activity that allows a university student to experience a different academic life in another institution”, where EXPERIENCE is the key word, as aside from giving academic experience, it offers them the opportunity to discover a new culture, to learn another language, to develop social skills and to obtain independence and responsibility for adaptability growth.

The learning gained from this experience doesn't finish when coming back, it lasts a life time. Participating in a program and being able to make friends from all over the world, are some of the best ways to obtain a global vision of current political, economic and social topics.

For the above reasons, UNAQ encourages students to participate in different mobility programs to apply their acquired knowledge in other countries, and be part of #EmbajadoresUNAQ


You can participate in the following programs:

Academic stays

Foreign Student Mobility Program (PMEE)

PMEE consists in a four-month academic stay at the West Virginia University (WVU) or an investigation stay at the Purdue University, in the U.S.A. this program is coordinated by the (CONCYTEQ) Science and Technology Board in Querétaro, and it is aimed at engineering students. The selection process is as follows: You are nominated as a candidate by UNAQ, and the selection process is made by CONCYTEQ, and includes mathematics examination and TOEFL examinations (+ 500 points). Within the program, you can obtain international competences. After finishing the stay at WVU, students will have an 8 -week industrial stay with WVU students in different companies and research centers in Queretaro.

Bilateral Cooperation Program between Mexico and France (MEXPROTEC)

Its goal is to complete the educational formation of TSU students in France for a year in the frame of a professional license.

Academic stays in the following universities:
  • Centennial College (CAN).
  • SIGMA Clermont – Ferrand (FRA).
  • Alamo College (EUA).
  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ESP).
  • Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HOL).
  • Universidad Don Bosco (SAL).
  • National Aerospace University KhAI (UKR).
  • Samara National Research University (RUS).
  • Instituto Tecnológico De Sonora (MEX).
  • Universidad Autónoma De Baja California (MEX).

Cultural Stays

DHL Excellence Award-CANACINTRA

This award is given to the best academic average of TSU, Engineering and Formation for Work, which are becoming the main potential in the State of Queretaro. The engineers are sent to the DHL facilities in Leipzig, Germany. TSU technicians are sent to the DHL facilities in Cincinnati, the U.S.A. and those in the Engineering and Formation for Work get a monetary incentive of $10,000 Mexican Pesos

Vive Mexico Scholarship

Can participate all those willing to travel and to participate within a 1 or 2-week period with young people from other countries in ecologic, cultural and social activities to benefit the community.

Abroad internship

This is the first contact the student has with the aeronautical industry. In a 4 month-term, the student applies the acquired knowledge, which allows them to broaden their vision, so they can succeed at work when they return. Each student has the responsibility to find out the best company according to their aptitudes and preferences.

External calls

Different organizations offer scholarships and calls. You can find them here:

  • DGRI
  • Campus France
  • Education US
  • Comexus
  • Government of Canada
  • 100,000 strong in the americas