KA'AN SAT is a representative team for the design and development of pico-satellites, known as CanSats. Our team consists of 46 students selected from various academic programs offered by UNAQ.

A CanSat is an educational and research device, the size of a soda can, equipped with sensors and communication systems that allow for data collection from the environment and transmission, achieving uninterrupted telemetry.

We work tirelessly in the creation and optimization of pico-satellites, which provide exciting opportunities to advance technological and aerospace development in Mexico. Our mission is to open new horizons for UNAQ students by providing access to data, knowledge, and experiments within the team, fostering a collaborative environment.


  • 3rd place in the 6th National Pico-Satellite Competition held in Puebla in 2023.
  • 10th place worldwide in the CanSat Competition in 2022.
  • Ranked 18th worldwide in the CanSat Competition in 2021.
  • Three-time national champions in CanSat CUCEI 2020.
  • Ranked 19th worldwide in the CanSat Competition in 2020.
  • Two-time national CanSat champions in 2019.
  • CanSat CUCEI championship in 2018.
  • Finalist rookie team in CanSat CUCEI 2017.

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