Ka’An Sat, is an 18-member team made up of staff from the different academic programs offered by UNAQ, who are dedicated to the development of peak satellites known as CanSat.

What a CanSat? It is a real simulation of a satellite, which faces the same physical conditions to which a satellite is exposed; and which due to its size and weight is considered a satellite peak.

The main purpose of a cansat is to measure the temperature, pressure and humidity of the environment. It also measures data indicating the state of the Cansat such as global positioning, altitude, and amount of battery charge. These data are sent to an earth station, where they are interpreted and displayed, thus being able to make an uninterrupted telemetry.

The Ka’An Sat team participates in the following national and international competitions:

  • CanSat CUCEI (organized by the University of Guadalajara UDG)
  • National CanSat Contest (organized by UNISEC)
  • CanSat competition (organized by the American Astronautical Society “AAS” and The National Aeronautics and space administration “NASA”)



Ranking 18 worldwide in CanSat Competition

Camera integration with a stabilization system capable of recording the deployment of 2 payloads during the descent of the Cansat

CanSat CUCEI competition in progress


Three-time national champions in CanSat CUCEI.

Implementation of a ground vehicle capable of measuring different variables and detecting a random figure by applying different artificial vision algorithms.

Ranking 19 worldwide in CanSat Competition

Implementation of a payload in the form of a delta wing to control its descent


Two-time national champion CanSat CUCEI, participation in the Ibero-American satellite contest PEU, participation in the CanSat competition


CanSat CUCEI 2018
First place overall
Own development of flight computer and helical antenna


CanSat CUCEI 2017
Rookie finalist team
Unique prototype to implement composite structure of materials.

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