The word "Dron" comes from the English "drone," whose original meaning was "zángano" (drone bee), and "Kab" means "abeja" (bee) in Maya.

DronKab, a new team formed in 2022 by enthusiastic students from the Aeronautics University in Querétaro, has ventured into the challenging world of designing and developing autonomous drones. The entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for technology drive the members of DronKab to create innovative and cutting-edge aerial solutions for specific missions.

Despite being relatively new in the field, the DronKab team has shown a strong commitment to research and continuous learning. They have invested time and effort in acquiring the technical knowledge and skills necessary to design and develop efficient and effective drones.

DronKab is in an exciting stage of growth and development. Leveraging their enthusiasm and dedication, the team aims to establish itself as a reference in the drone industry.


  • 4th place in the 2023 Mexican Robotics Tournament, Autonomous Drones Major category.

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