Aeronautical Maintenance – Airframe and Powerplant (TSUM)

Admission profile

The candidate for this educational program must acquire the minimum regarding the followings:


  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Reading-writing
  • English


  • Mathematic thinking
  • Analytic thinking
  • Language writing
  • Reading comprehension


  • Integridad: Actuar siempre de manera congruente y honesta basados en la verdad, fomentando un comportamiento ético y respetuoso en cada uno de  nuestros ámbitos: personal, académico, profesional y social.
  • Disciplina: Comportarse de forma ordenada y responsable, de acuerdo a la normatividad para alcanzar un objetivo con perseverancia y tenacidad.
  • Responsabilidad: Valor que implica responder por las consecuencias de los actos y actividades propias que cada quien desarrolla, implica también responder de manera positiva y proactiva cuando se requiere intervenir en alguna actividad, sin esquivarla ni pretextar para no llevarla a cabo.


  • Proper convincement of getting involved into the aeronautical sector (avionics interest and technologies, mathematical physicist and the usage of warehouse tools).
  • Schedule availability, 9 daily hours in the institution with flexibility between 7h00 and 19h00.
  • To have excellent studying habits.
  • Psycho-physic state consciousness.
  • Average high school qualification of 7.0.

Egress profile

The upper level technician specialized in avionics count with the professional ratings needed for his/her development in the labor field, in the local ambit, regional and national.


The professional skills are the abilities and attitudes which allow the upper level technicians to develop activities in their professional area, to adapt to new situations, as well as to transfer, if needed, their knowledge, skills and attitudes to next generations of professionals.

Generic skills: To be able of analyze and synthetize, abilities for the basic research, abilities to plan and manage, safety and hygiene management, teamwork, effective communication, negotiation abilities, leadership and service attitude.

Specific skills 1: To coordinate maintenance activities such as preventive and corrective, to maintain the airworthiness, to contribute to the operational safety area, the cost effectiveness of the organization and environment care.

Specific skills 2: To lead the operation in an avionics workshop based on the established procedures, enterprise politics and applicable normativity, to make the resources efficient, to contribute the cost effectiveness of the organization and environment care.

Labor field

  • Civil, government and private airlines.
  • Aeronautical workshops
  • Airplane parts and electrical components manufacturers
  • Parts and aeronautical components workshop
    Aeronautical warehouse

Professional activities

  • Line technician
  • Workshop technician
  • Supervisor
  • Inspector
  • Engineering department auxiliary
  • Shift manager


To form upper level technicians with attitudes, values, knowledges and skills in Airframe & Powerplant aeronautical maintenance, to perform inspection, diagnostic, repair and supervise the systems of an airplane and their engines under safety standards, discipline and quality to the social, economic and cultural development in Mexico.

Vision to 2022

The upper level technician program specialized in avionics will be consolidated and recognized in a national and international way as a reference of the aeronautical industry because of the social, economic, and technological impact as well as the human quality and academic of their graduates.