Having a 20-hectare area, within Queretaro Intercontinental Airport (AIQ), UNAQ is located 45 km from the capital city of Queretaro. UNAQ has unique equipment and infrastructure in Mexico to perform the daily activities:

  • An industrial unit of 18,500 m2.
  • Eleven workshops, such as: machining machines, Composite materials, electrical assembly, structural assembly, formed, etc.
  • A French-Mexican platform which comprises 15 laboratories such as: Coordinate-Measuring Machine (CMM), Parts warehouse, Aircraft system, Electricity and Batteries, Avionics, Materials Resistance, Heating machine, Engines, Heating processes and soldering, Penetrant liquid inspection, Chemical treatments, Electronics, Surface treatments, Aerodynamics and Metallography.
  • Twelve aircraft as laboratories for Advanced Technician professionals’ formation. And another one used as historical and museographic purpose.
  • Two academic buildings, sports and leisure areas of 3,981.69 m2, and recreation areas of 2,407.47 m2.
  • An overall of 45 classrooms, having a capacity of over 1 195 students (on duty).
  • Three information centers (libraries), besides the following laboratories: Computer lab, Physics lab, English lab, Chemistry lab, and simulation lab.
  • A 7v7 soccer pitch and a basketball court.
  • Information technology infrastructure, certified wiring and a 20-year warranty service.
  • An outdoors gym.

Just to mention some.

Information Center
French - Mexican Campus
Engines and turbines