UNAQ ROCH Team is a group of Mexican students. Since 2015, they have been participating in the international NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge competition.

What is NASA Human Exploration Challenge?

  • A competition that integrates mechanic design, manufacturing, and programming knowledge. HQ at US Space and Rocket Center, Hunstville, AL.
  • NASA is looking for innovative ideas which might help them in future space exploration missions.
  • The main goal is to design, manufacture and man a rover powered by human action in order to overcome a series of obstacles and complete a space exploration simulation.
  • This vehicle is manned by both, a woman and a man, members of the team.
  • The design must fulfill the criteria and specifications established by the organizers of the competition.

What is the European Rover Challenge?

  • The most important robotics competition in Europe and one of the most important worldwide.
  • It takes place in Kielce, Poland once a year.
  • An autonomous rover is designed and manufactured which must perform different tasks in a circuit that simulates a space mission on Martian soil.




General Place: 17 of 43
Top 10 “STEM Engagement Award”
Top 10 “Phoenix Award”



Top 10 in “Telemetry”


Place 23/105
Folding seats design
10 kg. weight reduction from the previous design
Data transmission in real time (pulse, temperature, speed and land topography)
System of independent transmission (back and front transmissions)


Place 32/105
85% aluminum manufacturing
Implementation of carbon fiber for seats and fenders
New tour system and competition score


Construction of two rovers
Incursion in three new categories
Top 10 on “On to Mars”
International top 3 on “Telemetry”
International top 5 on “Drive Train Tech”
Original wheel design
Aluminum welding
One of the three Mexican representative teams


Top 3 in worldwide light weight
Improvement of the general 10 places chart regarding 2015
Design and construction of original tires
Totally dismantled aluminum vehicle


35th / 94th internacional place
Second national place
Compact design
Steel welding

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