The ROCH Team is a representative team from UNAQ (Universidad Aeronáutica en Querétaro) with the objective of developing space exploration vehicles, proudly representing Mexico and UNAQ in two competitions.

To design and build space exploration vehicles, they apply knowledge and skills acquired both within and outside their engineering program. Their flagship vehicle, named "ROVER," is designed for two crew members. This vehicle participates in a space mission simulation with various types of terrain at the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge in Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

Their second vehicle, "ROVER-T2," participates in the Canadian International Rover Challenge, one of the world's most important robotics competitions. For ROVER-T2, they develop an autonomous control system and a data acquisition system platform through subsystems and peripherals. All information is processed and stored to fulfill various tasks when simulating the exploration of a space terrain.

"As a team dedicated to Rover development, at ROCH, we are fully committed to the Artemis mission and aerospace development in Mexico. We strive to create highly reliable and efficient vehicles that support lunar exploration and contribute to establishing a sustainable presence on the Moon. Our commitment is to offer innovative technology and meet the highest standards of quality and safety for the comprehensive development of young Mexicans. We are ready to overcome challenges and contribute to the success of the Artemis mission."


  • 2021
    General Place: 17 of 43
    Top 10 “STEM Engagement Award”
    Top 10 “Phoenix Award”
  • 2020
    Top 10 in “Telemetry”
  • 2019
    Place 23/105
    Folding seats design
    10 kg. weight reduction from the previous design
    Data transmission in real time (pulse, temperature, speed and land topography)
    System of independent transmission (back and front transmissions)
  • 2018
    Place 32/105
    85% aluminum manufacturing
    Implementation of carbon fiber for seats and fenders
    New tour system and competition score
  • 2017
    Construction of two rovers
    Incursion in three new categories
    Top 10 on “On to Mars”
    International top 3 on “Telemetry”
    International top 5 on “Drive Train Tech”
    Original wheel design
    Aluminum welding
    One of the three Mexican representative teams
  • 2016
    Top 3 in worldwide light weight
    Improvement of the general 10 places chart regarding 2015
    Design and construction of original tires
    Totally dismantled aluminum vehicle
  • 2015
    35th / 94th internacional place
    Second national place
    Compact design
    Steel welding

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