Engines and turbines

UNAQ has the following alternative or four-stroke piston engines which work under the same principles of car engines and have some similar elements such as: pistons, crankshaft, connecting rods, etc. however, those of aviation must be coupled to a propeller.

Equipment NameAlternative EngineAlternative EngineAlternative EngineAlternative EngineAlternative Engine
Power200HP@2700RPM85BHP@3300RPM / 70BHP@2600RPM64HP@6800RPM380 HP @3600 RPM375HP@ 3400
Applications or services providedMooney plane among othersPlane: Rainbow Cheetah among othersPlane: Murphy Maverick among othersPlane: AerocommanderCessna 404
Additional important data:N/S: L-3159-51A Educational purposesN/S: 22A 208 Educational purposesN/S: 6759690 Educational purposes  

These engines are used to perform removal, inspection and installation practices of the different elements that make them up as well as to analyze their indication, ignition, fuel and lubrication systems.

Regarding gas turbine engines (G.T.E.) commonly called turbines which work under the principles of Newton's second and third laws, UNAQ has the following:

BrandAllisonSNECMAPratt & WhitneyCFM InternationalHoneywellPratt & Whitney CanadaGeneral Electric
ModelJ33ATAR 9CJT8D-7BCFM56-3BTPE-331PT6A-34J79
Push6100 lb-f (27000 N)9440 lb-f (42000 N)14700 lb-f (65388 N)22100 lb-f (98305 N)1650 SHP750 SHP15800 LB-F (70281 N)
Application (Airplane)T33Mirage IIIBoeing 727 / Boeing 737-200Boeing 737-300Beech. King AirIAI AraváF104 Starfighter

Additionally, there are Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) that are also Gas turbine engines, but do not generate thrust and are used as an auxiliary source of electrical and pneumatic energy in the event of failure of an engine in flight or when the airplane is on the ground and starting of the engines to provide power is not desired.

Equipment NameAPUAPU
Power40 HP @ 59000 RPM45 KVA @ 6000 RPM
ApplicationAirplane: Hawker 400 – 700 y 800Plane: Boeing 737-200 y -300

Gas turbine engines and APUs are used to perform removal, inspection and installation practices of the different elements that make them up, such as FAN blades, combustion chambers, etc. They are also used to analyze their indication, ignition, fuel and lubrication systems. Inspection practices are also carried out with videoscope (“Borescope Inspection”).


APU.- Auxiliary Power Unit
HP.- Horse Power
KVA.- Kilovolts – Amperes
lb-f.- Pounds-Force
MTG.- Gas Turbine Engine
N.- Newton
PFM.- French-Mexican Platform
RPM.- Revolutions per minute
SHP.- Horsepower on the shaft or arrow.

Engines Installed in Airplanes:

  • Boeing 737- 200: 02 Turbofan Pratt & Whitney JT8D-15 15,500 lb-f (68,947N) thrust engines, 01 APU Honeywell GTCP85-129E
  • Bombardier CRJ200: 02 Turbofan General Electric CF34-3B engines with 9220 lb-f (41,012 N) thrust, 01 APU Honeywell GTCP36-150
  • Bombardier Learjet 25: 02 Turbojet General Electric CJ610-5 engines of 2950 lb-f (13,122 N) thrust.
  • Cessna 337: 02 Continental brand alternative engines model TIO-360-GB of 210HP each.
  • Cessna 206: 01 Alternative engine Lycoming brand model TIO-540-AJ1A of 310HP
  • Beechcraft F33: 01 Continental engine IO-520 brand 285HP

Engines Installed in Helicopters:

  • Bell 206: 01 Turbo-axle engine Allison brand, model 250 C20B of 420 SHP