Upper-Level technician (TSU)

According to estimates of the “Aeronautical industry strategic program 2010-2020” coordinated by the Economic Secretary, is expected for the industry to export 12,260 million dollars in 2020, with the 14% of average annual growth.

That's how the national strategy is focused in transforming Mexico into a destination that offers the complete cycle of an aircraft; from the engineering and design, manufactory and parts assemble, aircraft maintenance and recyclable and/or/ aircraft renovation once achieved their life cycle.

With their growing demand of the aeronautical sector in Mexico and specifically in Queretaro, the industrial field of this sector is stricter in their employees hiring, nowadays is more profitable to give job opportunities to people who speak 2 foreign languages, to be certificated by the aeronautical authority, to have knowledge about industrial normativity and an integral education. The upper level technicians graduated will be prepared to perform manufacturing activities, parts maintenance and assemble but most important with the personal development required in the sector.

Knowledge Areas
Our educational upper level technician programs are designed for you to obtain a personal development in the next knowledge areas:


Besides offering educational programs with a high level each one count with a UNAQ seal that characterizes them and will allow you to have a competitive education and will extend your options at the time you graduate.

High Level Laboratories

While your education you will perform practices, functional tests, simulations and other academic activities in the high-level laboratories in the UNAQ.


“In the UNAQ you will have competencies which will allow you to confront a new global reality, through academical, cultural and industrial experiences inside and outside the institution, such as: Congresses, international stays, mobility programs, interchanges, academical travels, summer programs, among others; as well as the international students coexistence in the institution”.

Our institution allows you to be in a realer environment

Your education will have a high practical content; besides you will perform it in a similar space and environment to the aeronautical sector which will allow you to develop proper proficiencies or your career.


Our educational programs offer a professional stay that aims to complement their training that allows the student to put into practice the skills related to the intellectual and practical work methodology, to solve problem situations in real conditions, which must be approved by business advisors and academics.

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