Aeronautical Manufacturing –Precision Machining Area (TSUF)

Admission profile

The candidate for this educational program must acquire the minimum regarding the followings:


  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Reading-writing
  • English


  • Mathematic thinking
  • Analytic thinking
  • Language writing
  • Reading comprehension


  • Integrity: To always act in a congruent and honest way based in honesty, fomenting an ethic-responsible behavior in each of our scopes: personal, academic, professional and social.
  • Discipline: To behave in an ordered and responsible way, according to the normativity to reach a target as perseverance and tenacity.
  • Responsibility: A value which means to answer to the consequences of the actions and proper activities developed by each person, implies as well to answer in a positive and proactive way when is required to intervene into any activity, without missing it or to use pretexts in order to not fulfill them.


  • Proper convincement of getting involved into the aeronautical sector (avionics interest and technologies, mathematical physicist and the usage of warehouse tools).
  • Schedule availability, 9 daily hours in the institution with flexibility between 7h00 and 20h00.
  • To have excellent studying habits.
  • Psycho-physic state consciousness.

Egress profile

The upper level technician specialized in avionics count with the professional ratings needed for his/her development in the labor field, in the local ambit, regional and national.


The professional skills are the abilities and attitudes which allow the upper level technicians to develop activities in their professional area, to adapt to new situations, as well as to transfer, if needed, their knowledge, skills and attitudes to next generations of professionals.

Generic skills:

  • To raise and solve problems based on the principles and theories of physics, chemistry, and math, through the scientific method to back up decision-making in the scientific and technological scope.
  • To develop and strengthen instrumental abilities, interpersonal, systematical and managerial in order to communicate in a second language.

Specific skills:

1. To coordinate maintenance processes from the technical engineering documentation, manufacturing methods and techniques, planning tools and supervision, such as the applicable narrativities to contribute to the customer satisfaction and the sector development.

1.1 Develop the aeronautical productive process considering the technical and engineering documentation, planning and aeronautical manufactory with metal materials, non-metal materials and compounds to contribute to the production goals and fulfill the customer requirements.

1.2 To control the aeronautical manufacturing process through the evaluation of production indicators, quality and performance in order to contribute to the aimed goals.

2. To develop the aeronautical pieces manufactory considering the technical specifications, quality specifications, equipment and machining methods, to contribute to the economic and technological growth in the sector and in the country.

2.1 To determine the aeronautical pieces machining process considering the technical and engineering documentation, draw methods and equipment, modeling and programing in order to contribute to the precision and repeatability of the machined pieces.

2.2 To implement the aeronautical pieces machining process through plans interpretation, machining equipment operation and methods, process and parameter controls and evaluation techniques in order to fulfill the requirements regarding quality and production.

Labor field

  • Public and private enterprises dedicated to aeronautical parts and components manufacture.
  • Public and private enterprises dedicated to systems and aircraft assembly.
  • Public and private enterprises dedicated to reengineer high technological products for the aeronautical industry.
  • Enterprises and microenterprises dedicated to the mechanical service.
  • In the creation of their own manufactory and specialized machining enterprise.

Professional Occupations

  • Manufactory processes supervisor.
  • Computer numerical control (CNC) equipment operator supervisor.
  • Quality assurance of aeronautical manufactory processes supervisor.
  • Computer numerical control programmer.
  • Simple tools designer for manufactory processes.
  • Specialized technician in the engineering and reengineering department of the productive plant.
  • Dimensional control area coordinator.
  • Continuous improvement coordinator.
  • Continuous improvement coordinator.
  • Metal mechanical training coordinator.
  • Machine workshop responsible.
  • Tool room responsible.
  • Nondestructive tests area responsible.
  • Aeronautical manufactory consultor and technical adviser.


To form upper level technicians with attitudes, values, knowledges and skills in aeronautical manufacture precision machined area, to perform, coordinate, develop and supervise aircraft productive processes, assembles and components related to the aeronautical industry under safety standards, discipline and quality for the social, economic and cultural development in Mexico.