Our History - 2017

In 2017, UNAQ continues its efforts to make the most of its installed capacity by efficiently meeting the demand of the courses taught. This year there was an admission of 1636 students for all the offered careers.


In the month of May, the inauguration of the Information Center of the UNAQ Aeronautical Teaching Laboratory (Hangar) took place, which means an expansion of the bibliographic heritage and a new space for students to consul it, being of the utmost importance that young people of the UNAQ have access to aeronautical technical bibliography and other titles for their academic training. The writer from Queretaro Alma Idalia Sánchez was present at this event, who shared part of her inspiration with those present, in a pleasant, emotional and joyful way. Jorge Gutiérrez de Velasco Rodríguez, rector of the UNAQ, appreciated the work carried out by the team that integrates the Information Centers at the university.

Inauguration of the Composite Materials Training Innovation Center

On August, the Center for Innovation and Training of Composite Materials was inaugurated by the governor of the state, Francisco Domínguez Servín and by the director of the University, among other government and business representatives.

The project of the French company Grupo Safran will be attended at this center, which objective is the training of personnel in Composite Materials for the sixth plant of Safran Group, and it is estimated to have 300 students within a period of three years.

The equipment of this center consisted of:

  • A Computerized Jacquard loom
  • A positioning filet
  • An ASC autoclave
  • An RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) equipment

As a relevant fact in the world there are only three of the Computerized Jacquard Loom, one in France, another in the United States and now there is one at UNAQ, which positions the university as a leader in composite material equipment.

New equipment at the university

In March, UNAQ received two aircraft: Falcon 20E aircraft on loan from the Government of the State of Querétaro and the Bolkow BO-105 CB-5 Helicopter donated by the Secretariat of the Navy. The aircraft will be used by students of all educational levels of the university to develop their skills and abilities to reduce the learning curve of graduates so that this favors their insertion in the productive sector.

On the other hand, UNAQ in its constant commitment and actions for the formation of its academic community, made a Technological Alliance with the company NC Tech, at first stage a commitment to certify 100 members at an international level in SolidWorks before the end of November 2017 was signed, a commitment that was exceeded with the certification of 148 teachers and students by November 28, 2017.

This company places within the reach of the entire community of teachers and students, the most referenced engineering technologies worldwide and the international certifications required by the industry. In addition, it contributes to the comprehensive training plan based on projects that goes from the stage of digital engineering, advanced manufacturing (additive and substrative), process virtualization, to the factories of the future (Industrial Internet of Things), which significantly complements the skills of the student community to contribute to the improvement of processes, innovation, and impact on their social environment, while expanding professional opportunities.

NC Tech made the donation of the "NC Tech Laboratory of Additive Manufacturing and Reverse Engineering", consisting of:

  • 1 ONYX 3D printer, for 100% functional parts (onyx printing)
  • 1 standard model 3D printer for 100% functional parts (printing in fiberglass, carbon fiber or nylon)
  • 2 dry boxes
  • Print Management Software
  • 2 Sense Scanners
  • Integrated software for Sense scanner
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Face-to-face training for teachers (additive manufacturing, reverse engineering, use and care of equipment)
  • Training via XpertCAD (online) – Additive Manufacturing and Reverse Engineering for the entire UNAQ community (more than 1400 students)

Strategic Alliances

Seeking to strengthen the actions of liaison with the business sector, the university signed a collaboration agreement with the company General Electric (GE), which aims to carry out training courses, diplomas, entry to graduate programs and technological projects.

10 years undertaking the flight

On November 23, 2017, the Aeronautical University in Querétaro celebrated a decade of training professionals for the aeronautical sector, with values, knowledge, skills and national and international recognition.

The ceremony was led by the governor of the state, Francisco Domínguez Servín, who emphasized that the UNAQ is a fundamental piece for the growth of the triple helix model that links academia, industry and government, who also autographed the timeline of the history of aviation in Mexico. There were several personalities such as the vice president of Bombardier Mexico and president of the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry, Carlos Robles, who stressed that the UNAQ is a model for the country and pride worldwide. The rector received as a symbol of this decade the icon that represents the institution: the Hang Glider.

Within the framework of the anniversary, the inauguration of the First Academic Encounter of the Sectoral Fund for Research, Technological Development and Innovation in Space Activities CONACYT-Mexican Space Agency (AEM) 2017 was also held by Mr. José Alfredo Botello Montes, Secretary of Education of the State of Querétaro. This meeting was the first to be held at a national level, with UNAQ hosting the event.

Projects developed: Multiplatform Augmented Reality System for educational scenarios on space systems were presented. Development of the Quetzal Satellite platform for the monitoring of the column of polluting gases and the observation of the national territory; Low-cost reusable vehicle for re-entry into the atmosphere that will serve for data collection at altitudes below 80km, among others.

During the week of the anniversary there were events such as: academic workshops, French show, rally, kermess, sports tournaments, Aero conference, and the Pop Night Race, with a participation of more than 3500 runners and concluded with a concert by the pop group OV7, who excited the attendees with their songs that marked an entire era.

Ending the year

At the end of November, the graduation of the first generation of UNAQ Aviation Flight Attendants was carried out, delivering forty-two licenses issued by the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC). UNAQ was recognized by Mr. Rodrigo Vázquez, general director of Regional Air Transport, TAR, who in his message recognized the work carried out by the university to provide air service providers with highly trained personnel, with professionalism and ethics.

The students were trained in first aids, introduction to the aeronautical environment, aerodynamics, air regulations, technical requirements, safety and emergency procedures, general provisions, onboard services, among others.

To close the year with a flourish, the accreditation of the Higher University Technical Program in Aeronautical Maintenance, Avionics Area was achieved by the Accreditation Council of Engineering Education, A.C., (CACEI), whose main objective is to provide a quality educational service.