Our History - 2014

UNAQ Students

At the end of 2014, UNAQ had a 30.9% increase in enrollment, reaching 1140 students, 418 from TSU, 681 from Engineering and 41 from Postgraduate.

The State’s Governor, José Calzada Rovirosa, begins the "Factory of Ideas 2.0" program at our university, which aims to generate different ideas and proposals that encourage youth participation in both the state and the country. It also promotes economic development through the granting of support to projects that seek the development of micro, small and medium enterprises.

The “Aeroconference” cycle of conferences is held, which in 2014 had the participation of graduates of UNAQ, and workers of the Global Composites Manufacturing company.

Under the 7th anniversary, the 4th edition of the Carrera UNAQ was held, in which over 1,100 runners participated, plus the UNAQ’s official mascot, the Dragon, was presented. The institutional Flag escort by TSU students was also presented for the first time.

The DHL Express - CANACINTRA award was once again awarded to outstanding students of TSU and Engineering, who traveled to the DHL Express Facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. And to the HUB facilities in Leipzig, Germany, with all expenses paid; In addition to the job training category, a cash prize was awarded to five outstanding students, with the purpose of encouraging them in their performance in the aerospace industry.

In July this year, the students Océane Ariane Huerta Thomas and Juan Carlos Cruz Fletes, of the TSU program in Avionics, were granted the MEXPROTEC scholarship, which consists of a one-year stay in France, where they obtain the Aerospace Design and Manufacturing License and Aerospace Maintenance License.

In the same way, students and professors participated in the Project Mobility Program 100,000, which consists of making a one-month academic stay in universities in The United States with the purpose of reinforcing the English language.

In 2014, Engineering students: Roxana Ramírez Pérez, José Pablo López Aguado and Jesús Alejandro López Garcés were selected to obtain a scholarship granted by CONACYT to study for a semester at the University of West Virginia in The United States.

Students who traveled to Europe

Students of the Aeronautical Engineering in Manufacturing (IAM) major carry out the First UNAQ Plastic Expo 2014, which consists of integrating the different knowledge acquired in the areas of Devices and Mechanisms, Production Management and Quality Tools, aiming for the manufacture and validation of parts made by plastic manufacturing processes.

The internal sports tournaments were held and at the closing ceremony, Marco Jiménez and Raúl Rico, players of the Gallos Blancos de Querétaro Team gave the winners the corresponding awards along with UNAQ authorities.

At the end of 2014, 565 technicians were trained. This figure represents an increase of 58% compared to the end of the previous year.

2014 marked the consolidation of the Postgraduate level, by granting society to seven new Masters in Aerospace Engineering, who proudly represent the first generation graduated from this educational level.

This year we had a visit from:

  • The ambassadors of France and China
  • Young Diplomats Forum.
  • Co-creator of the VUHL sports vehicle.
  • Companies from the United Kingdom.
  • Entrepreneurs participating in the Mexico Aerospace Summit.
  • Businessmen of Boeing, of the International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine.
  • PhD Students and professors in technological management and innovation of UAQ’s Faculty of Accounting and Administration.
  • The Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica.

UNAQ hosted the "Enzo Levi 2014" International Seminar.

The Mexican Space Agency Conference was held here.

Inauguration of the French-Mexican Campus

As part of his state visit, the president of France, Francois Hollande, together with the president of México, Enrique Peña Nieto and the governor, José Calzada Rovirosa, inaugurated the French-Mexican Aeronautical Formation Campus, located inside the UNAQ.

In 2014, the construction of the Aeronautical Teaching Laboratory (Hangar) began. This Aeronautical Aircraft Maintenance Workshop aims to be a starting point in practical work for students and teachers of this institution.

Also this year the work for the areas destined for the physical conditioning of the university community was completed, with a 4-circuit tartan track of 200, 300, 400 and 800 linear meters respectively, and a straight 250-linear-meter track.

Construction of the SITE, a 447-m2 area, begins.

In 2014 UNAQ started the project to certify the processes of the Integral Management System (GIS) under the ISO 9001: 2008 standard, the scope of the project was to obtain the certification of educational services for training at the TSU Level, Engineering and Continuing Education, in the Aeronautical and related Sectors.

UNAQ was donated a JT8D-7B Turbine Engine by DHL Express.