Our History - 2011

First Generation of the Advanced Technician Program in Avionics

One of the attributes of the UNAQ Educational Model is its commitment to sustainable development; in this sense, some of the last institutional achievements in 2011 were obtained in environmental matters:

  • The environmental license and authorization for the management of urban solid waste and hazardous waste, by SEDESU.
  • The Certificate of Environmental Quality by PROFEPA.
  • With the participation of the aeronautical cluster companies and other important actors in the field, the first generation of the Environmental Leadership Program was headed.

April 2011 has been marked as one of the most important months for this institution due to the graduation of the First Generation of Advanced Technician Program in Avionicsintegrated by sixteen young students who reached their university goal. With this qualification, the graduates gave meaning to all the efforts made until that time, and publicly consolidated the institution. With the presence of the Governor of the State José Eduardo Calzada Rovirosa and other authorities of the Entity in their graduation ceremony, the students received their Title and Professional License in addition to the class II license, issued by the DGAC, which authorizes them to work in maintenance work for operational aircraft.

Throughout these years, UNAQ has contributed to the development and consolidation of the aerospace industry in the entity, adding, from its educational perspective, the large investment attraction project of the Government of the State of Querétaro, which with the arrival of companies as Eurocopter, confirms the success of the commitment with this strategic sector for the economic growth of the country.

During 2011, one of the most important projects for the university, was the opening of the first DGAC office in the country in charge of the certification of manufacturing processes, in accordance to the BASA agreement (Bilateral Agreement for Safety in Aviation). For DGAC, the authorization of this space defines the beginning for the operations of this important bilateral agreement in Mexico and in the United States of America, that’s seeking for the manufacturing homologation of aeronautical components for the State of Querétaro and for UNAQ; it is also the first step to achieve the Mexican aeronautical manufacturing certification and the leadership position of the entity on these processes.

Before the ending of 2011, thanks to the successful evolution of the university, the academic buildings A and B were built. These allowed the addition of other spaces which were added up to the integral education commitment: classrooms, laboratories, information and language center, consultation rooms and auditorium.

As described throughout these paragraphs, the flight has just begun for this Institution of Higher Education that seeks, as described by its institutional vision: to be a socially responsible, consolidated, national and international institution for its social, economic, technological and academic impact; a true "Sky of opportunities" available for young people and Mexico welfare.