Our History - 2005

Anuncio oficial de la instalación de Bombardier Aerospace en México
Official announcement of Bombardier Aerospace facilities opening in Mexico.

Querétaro hit a major milestone in its history to conquer one of the most competitive sectors of international industry: The Aeronautical Sector, through the creation of the Aeronautical University in Querétaro (UNAQ), which is a public institution of specialized higher education in aeronautical fields.

Although UNAQ was officially created as a public organization on November 23, 2007; The origin of this institution dates back to mid-2005 when the Government of the State of Querétaro, supported by the Federal Government, participated in an international contest with the objective of captivating the interest of Bombardier Aerospace: Canadian company, executive aircraft manufacturer and sector leader. It was done to lure Bombardier’s establishment in the State to detonate endless opportunities through the attraction of other important companies that would generate, among other things, new sources of employment as well as educational and technological development.

It was in October 2005 when the arrival of the company was announced, giving birth to the first aeronautical manufacturing cluster in Mexico.

It was immediately necessary to establish new and diverse strategies to allow the successful development of this endeavor. Among other things, it was necessary to seek the necessary resources, provide facilities, acquire machinery and equipment, mostly of foreign origin, and join a team of professors-instructors capable of teaching, for the first time in Mexico, courses for aeronautical manufacturing.