Our History - 2013

UNAQ graduates

One of our main goals in 2013 was the strengthening of our capacities in order to increase enrollment, which increased by 73%.

There was an update, together with the Coordinación General de Universidades Tecnológicas y Politécnicas (CGUTyP) (General Coordination of Technical and Polytechnic Universities) applied to the academic programs of Advanced Technician Program (TSU) ratifying both demanding lines in aeronautic field which are: Aeronautical Manufacturing and Precision machining Area, Aeronautical Maintenance in the Avionics Area, and Aeronautical Maintenance in Glider and powerplant.

Since culture and sports are of great importance for students, UNAQ has worked in developing new programs and strategies, considering the needs and expectations of the students, to contribute to their growth in the social, physical and psychological aspects.

When participating in different university tournaments, our students won the first place prize in chess competition and the first place in javelin throw, the first and the second place in Tae Kwon Do, the second place in Table Tennis and the second place in Karate. UNAQ also competed in the regional tournament organized by CONDDE (National Board of Sport in Education).

Over 230 students at UNAQ participated in sport tournaments on its 6th anniversary. “El Piti” Altamirano attended the Award´s Ceremony of the Internal Tournaments.

In the 6th anniversary, over 800 people participated at UNAQ 2013 Grand Running Race.

In 2013, students of the area of Engineering and TSU with musical abilities formed a musical group called “Bonanza”, whereas others participated in dancing, music and theater lessons.

Students of Engineering and TSU became part of the program of new scientists and technological talents of CONCYTEQ, where they had the chance to develop drones able to lift considerable weight with restricted dimensions and power.

Aircraft components assemble

In order to promote patience, persistence, and passion for aeronautics, the Model Aero planes Workshop is created, allowing the development of abilities in constructing model aero planes. With this, a new representative team of UNAQ is born UNAQ U-Fly Team.

In this year, two students studied in France, as part of the MEXPROTEC program, promoted by CGUTyP. They were given the possibility to develop international competences.

For the second year in a row, DHL Express and Cámara Nacional de la Industria de la Transformación (CANACINTRA), awarded prizes to the best students, which consisted in economic incentives and fully-paid stays in the U.S.A. and Germany.

In 2013, UNAQ strengthens bonds with Germany, creating strategic alliances with German companies, through CAMEXA (Cámara Mexico-Alemania de Comercio e Industria). The presence of the Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas (AACHEN) achieved alliances for academic doctoral exchanges.

Mr. Timothy Spencer George, plenipotentiary and extraordinary ambassador of Australia in Mexico, visited UNAQ.

In 2013, the trainee program for Delta Air Lines and Aeromexico starts, with the participation of 120 technicians in TechOps’ training program.

For third time, UNAQ was headquarter of the eight meeting of COMEA (Consejo Mexicano para la Educación Aeroespacial). Its goal was to reunite more than twenty one academic institutions that belong to COMEA whose main wish was to consolidate their academic programs in the aerospace field.

Signed agreement with FAM

Some of the most important agreements that were signed were:

  • “Asteca”, aviation school
  • Global Composites
  • Queretaro Municipality
  • (FAM) Mexican Air Force

Significant progress is made in the construction of the Mexican-French Campus.

France received a group of professors of UNAQ, who will retort some of the most advanced programs in the aeronautics field.